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"Aqua" Series
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Somewhere between Blue and Green
there is a color that is a dream
Aqua can not always be what it seems
forever shifting and changing
as it drifts through the shallow waters
of the oceans and streams
filtering through the sun lit edge of a pond
with trickling beams of Green, Blue
Aqua is a place you go
when you want to feel new

poem by Mark G. Picascio ©2005

Photos available in 12"x18" or 31"x 46", gloss, mounted & framed.

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"Shores of Solitude"
"Emerald Dream"
"Azure Beams"

"Reflecting Pool"
"Aqua Mist"
"Aqua Diffusion"

"Aqua Flow 1 & 2" (diptych)
"Emerging Force 1 & 2" (diptych)

"Verdant Progression 1, 2 & 3" (triptych)
Green Under Toe Aqua Ice

"Aqua Vortex"
"Celestrial Rapture"

"Aqua Whisper"

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