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"Tinsel Town" Series
Total of 33 photographs in the series

In a world of their own making, an artificial place where dreams are made and broken, "Tinsel Town" is an illusion, only real in the minds of the hopefuls. Images that explode with color and drama, creating a vibrant fantasy of it's own reality.

Photos available in 12"x18" or 31"x 46", gloss, mounted & framed.

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"Razzle Dazzle"
"Magnetic Illusion"
"Atmospheric Illuminations"

"Tinsel Flurry"
"Epitome of Glamour"
"In The Limelight"

"Stage Right"
"After Glow"

"Luminous Synergy 1, 2 & 3" (triptych)
"What Dreams Are Made of 1 & 2" (diptych)

"Shimmering Sequence"
"Night Glitter"
"The Lucky One"
"Radiant Arc"

"The Premiere"
"Film Noir"
"Behind The Scenes"
"Key Light"

"Spot Lights"

"Curtain Call"
"Rising Star"
"The Red Carpet"

"Scarlet Vibrations"
"Hollywood Fever"

"Center Stage"
"Explosive Debut"

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